The Brain Train

Our mind, body and spirit is an amazing network of tracks, just look at any anatomy book of the human body. We are capable of creating new tracks on many levels. First to have an idea and then to have a plan and of course to create it!

When I think of the brain I see a vast network of railroad tracks; some are lit up,  some are dark, or rusty and broken.  The ones we use the most are lit up bright and strong.  Building a new track can certainly be hard work, especially if it’s through a mountain.

I am speaking generally of habits.  In my mind habits are like tracks whether they are healthy or not.  For someone who may be overweight and have parents who are also overweight, DNA patterns were developed in utero with the thought and eating patterns, food likes or dislikes. Or what about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) having to have every vacuum line straight even if it means you’ll be late to your meeting!  Maybe your habit is smoking.  What do you do to quit? How do you change the habit?  What is it about these habits, any of them that keep us coming back to them?

This is where the tracks need to be built on new positive clear paths with a vision to the destination.  For those of us who like instant gratification, and I do! I realize it would be impossible to install a track from Grand Rapids MI to Traverse City in a day.  It would take planning, support, clearing and many other processes before the train could be operational.

Coming up with a clear plan, positive thought pattern, good support and acting on it over and over will override the old path and create a solid new track.